Instructions to apply experiential techniques

On this page you find some instruction stepwise instructions how to apply some of the most important experiential techniques we use in schema therapy. The aim is to connect emotional episodic information processing and cognitive semantic processing systematically to gain maximum effect by changing between the poles of the therapeutic field. We try to activate emotions on the chairs (i.e. with eyes closed)or in imagery alternating with working on the observer level by coming into the image in the adult mode or standing up together and floating above the chairs. The instructions include a suggestion for the therapist´s wording (in Italics). They also show the chair positions in diagrams.

  1.  Imagery Rescripting
  2.  Imagery dealing with grief and loss
  3.  Mode dialogues with internalizers
  4.  Mode dialugues with externalizers
  5.  Confronting detached clients